Waxpool Elementary School​  ​Math Olympiads Team




What is Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools?

       ● for 4th and 5th graders, individual competition

       ● Strengthens mathematical intuition and fosters mathematical creativity and ingenuity.

What is the MO competition test like?

       ● Each contest consists of 5 problems /  The total score of these 5 tests is 25

       ● 5 monthly contests ;the second Tuesday from Nov. to Mar.

       ● 30-minute test starts at 6:30 pm

What you need to join our MOT?

       ● PTA membership($25) is prerequisite. Online registration is possible  at ​PTA website​.

       ● MOT Fee:  $25(printing, awards, registration and test fee) - No refunds after October 10th.

       ● You can pay online for MOT membership at ​PTA website​ or send a check to ​Waxpool Elementary School PTA​ .

       ● Registration through a ​Google Form​ should be completed by Sept. 25th, 2019

What is LRMT?

       ● LRMT contest  is an optional contest different from MO. The date and fee will be announced around January.

       ● The Loudoun County Regional Math Tournament (April of 2020) that our school MOT will join in April, 2020

       ● 2-sector competition - individual game and team game  How are we going to be prepared for the test?

       ● 4- or 5-student group practice meetings once a week at their coach’s home. At the meeting, students try one practice      test,  share their own solutions with others, and are given homework.

Who runs MOT?

      ● MOEMS is a 100% parent-driven program, and so is LRMT.